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 Index  200 Series (click number to open policy)
 200 Personnel Policy Statement
 201 Labor Management Relations
 202 Catastrophic Leave Sharing
 203 Nondiscrimination Policy
 206 Qualification For Employees
 207 Job Descriptions
 208 Superintendent of Schools
 209 Delegation of Authority
 210 Safety Policy Statement
 211 Background Investigations
 212 Principals of Schools, Employment and Functions
 215 Evaluation of Employees
 216 Employee Contract Policy
 217 Employment, Assignment, Re-employment, Termination of Employees
 218 Transfer of Certified Personnel
 219 Reemployment/Termination/Discharge of Licensed School Instructors
 220 Reemployment/Termination of Other Employees
 221 Resignations of Employees
 222 Drug-Free Schools and Campuses and Drug-Free Work Place
 223 Employee Use of Tobacco Products
 224 Administration of Medication by Staff
 227 Reduction-In-Force (R.I.F.)
 230 Sexual Harassment
 231 Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect
Misuse of Authority; Reporting Sexual Misconduct; Investigation; Disciplinary Action
 233 Employee Assault
 236 Grievance Procedure
 239 Substitute Teachers
 242 Tutoring of Students
 245 Travel, Per Diem and Mileage Payments
 248 Soliciting and Selling by Employees
 249 Gifts and Gratuities
 251 Political Activities by Employees and Others
 252 Academic Freedom
 254 Conflict of Interest
 257 Personnel Records
 258 Release of Personnel Information
 259 Disclosure of Employee Names
 260 Leaves from Duty
 275 Employee Eligibility for Fringe Benefits
 276 Temporary, Full-time and Part time Employees, Substitutes and Volunteers
 279 Transfer Employee Guarantees
 280 Overtime Compensation
 285 Assignments and Contracts, Extracurricular Activities
 291 Americans with Disabilities Act – Designation of Responsible Employee
 292 Volunteers, Volunteering
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